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Dear Customers,
        42 years of experience that I have had in the electroplating industry has made me believe that perfection is something that's defined by the customers , i. e. you , and not by any formula or certification. As the founder of Alcrome Technologies, it has been my immense pleasure to be able to serve and assist the plating industry as efficiently and innovatively as possible.

        Even after 42 yrs, Alcrome still holds the same hunger for perfection. Guided by our core values, today we stand firm in the Indian market as a well recognized name for a quality service provider. Servicing the industry with our latest & highly efficient technologies. Our new processes have been well accepted by the industry  (i.e.

Hard Chrome plating on Aluminium ).

     Alcrome Techno has always stressed on the need for R & D to bring the latest technologies in the plating  industry at the most reasonable prices. Keeping to our belief we have devoted most of our resources towards developing new technologies in processing field of electroplating industry.

        Our employees are the heart and soul of our company.

        Defined by our core values, it's their dedication towards providing best customer service that makes them strive to satisfy each and every customer need. I assure you that even in future our employees will always strive to outdo themselves and provide you with the best service.
        Finally, I would like to thank all our customers for all their encouragement and contribution that has helped Alcrome Technologies serve them better. And I would request you to keep on giving us your views and creative suggestions to help us provide and serve you with superior process and services.

A. R. Doshi
Managing Director

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