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Hard Chrome Plating on Aluminium & its Alloy, Aluminium Die (Mould)   or Sand Castings.
Hard Chrome Plating on - Stainless Steel (304, 316, 316 L, 410 etc.),
  M. S. (Iron), Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Copper, etc.

Important Features of Hard Chrome Plating …
* Corrosion Resistant.
* High Hardness (55 - 62 HRC).
* Abrasion Resistant.
* Low Friction & Wear Characteristics.
* Quick Release Properties (Prevention of Sticking).
* Brightness (Attractive Decorative Appearance).
* Prevent from the Oxidation.
* Paramagnetic Properties.

Some of few applications of Hard Chrome, Chrome Plating parts to be treated in our workshop are hereunder ….
1) Engineering - Fluid Power: - 
(Hydraulic & Pneumatic)
Piston Rods
Hydraulic Rams
Pnuematic - Actuator Body (Aluminium Extruded & Casted
(LM - 4 & LM - 6 Metal)
Pnuematic - Stainless Steel Ball Valves
Pnuematic - Spools (M.S. & Aluminium)
2) Pharmaceutical Machinery:- Machinery Parts
Tablet Punches & Moulds (Dies)
Capsule & Liquid Filling Machinery Parts -
C. I. Body - Clamping Sheet - Cam - Loading Tray - Capsule Releasing Block - Gear - Sprocket etc.
3) Textiles Ind.: - Calendar Rolls
Drums and Rolls
Yarn Guides
Tension Parts
Thread Guides
Printing Cylinders

4) Engineering - Plastics:- Moulds
Extrusion (Screw)
Press Rams
Tie Bars
5) Printing Ind.: - Cylinder Journals
Inking Rolls
Stamp Cylinders
Calendar Rolls
6) Packaging Industries: - Drying Cylinders
Embossing Rolls
Glazing Rolls
Calender Rolls
Gelatine Cylinders
Head Rolls
Press Cylinders
Press Cams
Sizing Rolls
Screen Plates
Engraved Rolls
Wallpaper Rolls
Wet Press Cylinders
Guillotine Blades
7) Automobile Ind.: -  Ball Pins
Cylinder Liners
Brake Shafts
Fork Axles
Gear - lever Shafts
Piston Rings
Sliding-pinion Shafts
Stub Axles
8) Health Club & Gymnasium: - Dumbells Circles
Round Plates
Rectangle Plates
Rowing Handle etc.
9) Aviation & Aerospace: - Crankshafts
Piston Rings
Armature Shafts
Sliding Tubes
Shock-absorber cylinders
Gun Barrels
Engine Blades
Piston Rods
10) Food Ind.: - Circular Knives
Cutters for Mincing Machines
Biscuit Moulds
Sugar Beet Cutters
Cock Plugs
Milk-pump Parts
Scraper Rolls
11) Mining Equipment:- Piston Rods
Retainer Sleeve etc.
12) Cement Machinery Ind.:-  Machinery Parts
13) Industrial Knives,
      Saws &  Blades Ind.:-
Circular Saws
Chipper Knife etc.
14) Railway Ind.: - Compressor Rods
Feed-pump Pistons
Locomotive Slides
Pump Rods
Buffer Pistons
15) X-ray & Photographic Ind.:- Driving Sprockets
Pressure Plates
Enlarger Columns
Film Knives
Emulsion Rolls
Drum Spindles
16) Pet Bottle Mould Ind.:- Bottle Mould (Dies) [For M. S. & Aluminium also]
Shaft etc.
17) Metal Ind.: -  Drawing Dies
Press Dies
Sheet Rolls
Tube Rolls
Planishing Rolls
Drawing Punches
Metal-spinning Tools
18) Engineering - Mechanical :- Boring Bars
Plug Gauges
Ring Gauges
Drilling-machine Sleeves
Lathe Spindles
Grinding-machine Spindles
19) Electrical Ind.: - Turbine Shafts
Soldering Tips
X-ray Columns
Wire-drawing Dies
Wire-drawing Cones
Non-magnetic Parts
20) Chemical Ind.: - Glass Moulds
Pump Rods
Perforated Plates
Soap Moulds
Tablet Punches and Moulds
21) Hospital Equipments :-  Brass Doom (12", 18", 22" etc).
Surgical Instruments (Matt Finish)
Hydraulic O. T. Parts etc.

Speciality :- (Please ask for details)

1)   Hard Chrome Plating on Aluminium For Textile Components (Accessories).
2)   Hard Chrome Plating on Stainless Steel & Aluminium For Pharmaceutical Machinery Parts       (Components).

Facility Available :-

1)   Pilling
      Capacity - 25 mm ø to 125 mm ø

2)   Straightening
      Capacity - 12 mm ø to 175 mm ø

3)   Centerless Polishing
      Capacity - 12 mm ø to 175 mm ø

4)   Centerless Grinding
      Capacity - 4 mm ø to 60 mm ø

5)   Cylindrical Polishing
      Capacity - 25 mm ø to 330 mm ø

6)   Sand Blasting, Glass Bead Blasting.

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